Use Cases for the Bulk Editing Feature in Time & Attendance

Modified on Fri, 12 Jan 2024 at 08:51 AM

Are you interested in our bulk editing feature but are not sure when you would actually use it?!  Here are a few different scenarios when you might want to use the bulk editing feature as a coordinator or owner.


  • Early worker clock in

    • Allow your workers to clock in early (2, 3, 4 hours before their shift, etc.) and bulk edit before approving their time cards

  • Workers who forgot to clock out on time

    • Use the "On the clock" status filter under "All Statues" at the top of the Time & Attendance page to see those workers that are clocked in but are not clocked out.  Make sure to verify workers left at the correct time before bulk editing and approving!

  • Disbursing shared tips

    • If your workers share tips and divide them at the end of the evening, this is a fantastic tool for that.  You will need to divide the end-of-day tips amongst the number of workers to get the amount owed to each worker, then use the bulk editing feature to distribute!

  • Applying holiday pay

    • Use the multiplier option, under Edit Pay, to apply time and a half (or another multiplier) to workers that work on holidays. 

  • Applying drive time and drive rates to workers 

    • Are you covering drive time for workers?  Select the workers you'd like to apply drive time and rate to, enter the totals and hit save.


A few useful notes: 

  • Time cards must have a start time before the bulk time editor can be used.

  • Time cards must have start and end times before the bulk pay editor can be used.

  • Using the "Unapproved and clocked out" status filter under "All Statues" at the top of the Time & Attendance page will pull up those time cards in which the bulk pay editor can be used. 

    See our How to Bulk Edit Time Entries in Time & Attendance article for step by step instructions on Bulk Editing.

We’re always available to help! Please reach out to with any questions.

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