FAQ's about the Weekly View

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The Weekly View displays all the shifts in a given week, grouped by worker.

It’s great for scheduling your non-event workers, like those who work in the kitchen, warehouse, or cafe. The weekly view displays all event shifts as well. This will help ensure that you do not double book anyone.

Read below for answers to the most frequently asked questions about the Weekly View:

How do I use the weekly view to schedule my hourly workers?

You can add a non-event shift by clicking a cell in the column of the appropriate day and row of the appropriate worker. From there, you can determine:

  • Which position they are working

  • Their shift start and end time 

  • Whether they are requested, assigned, or confirmed to work

In this example, we request Brandon to a prep chef shift:

For a full size video, see here.

As you can see, you have the option of sending a Brandon a notification of the shift request if you so choose.

You may also wish to take advantage of our bulk actions feature (more on that below).

Can I use the weekly view to assign or request workers for event shifts?

Yes! If you have an open event shift on a given day, anytime you click on the cell of a worker who is eligible for that shift, you can choose to assign, request, or confirm the worker to that shift.

How do Bulk Actions work?

Bulk Actions allow you to change the status of all workers in bulk.

To use it, start by selecting Bulk Actions in the upper right corner of the page.

The panel that appears will allow you to specify to exactly which shifts you’d like the bulk actions to apply. You can choose the date range, departments, whether event-shifts or non-event shifts, as well as the status of the shifts you’d like to modify.

How do department filters work?

Department filters allow you to filter your workers list so you only see those relevant to your department.

A worker will appear under a department if they are qualified to work a position that falls under that department. 

So, how can we make workers appear under specific departments? 

  1. Create Departments at the Departments page 

  2. Connect a position to a department by selecting the position from the Positions page. Under the Departments dropdown, select the relevant department

  3. Scroll down the page and select the workers who are qualified to work the position. Those workers will now fall under the connected department. 

How is my work week determined in the weekly view?

The Weekly View’s start and end date mirrors the start and end date of your work week, as determined by the Overtime Rules in your Company Details page.

How can I track my hourly staff's hours?

The best way to track your hourly worker's hours is via the Nowsta tablet timeclock app. 

What’s this? This method of time tracking allows you to set up a tablet timeclock in your facility (e.g., your kitchen, warehouse, or an exclusive venue). Workers can clock-in at the tablet without the supervision of a manager.

How does it work? When someone is ready to clock-in, she can approach the tablet and enter her phone number. As she logs-in, the app will take a photo of the worker for verification purposes. The worker has the option of clocking in to a scheduled shift or clocking into an unscheduled shift.

Why would I use it? The tablet timeclock is useful if you have workers who meet at your facility on a daily basis. For these workers, there is no requirement that a manager be present to check-in; they can do so themselves provided you have set up the tablet.

We’re always available to help! Please reach out to support@nowsta.com with any questions.

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