Time and Attendance Settings

Modified on Fri, 20 Oct 2023 at 11:04 AM

Actual hours policy - this setting determines if a worker can see the hours they have worked in the Nowsta Workers app.
Location geo-fence enforcement policy - this setting determines how workers can self clock in. If you want to activate the location GPS radius, this should be enabled. Each location has a 200-yard radius as default. This radius can be adjusted per location. 
*If you would like to enable this for most events, we recommend enabling self-clock-in by default in Event Defaults.
Non-event shifts self-clock-in policy - this setting determines whether a worker can clock in for non-event shifts. Non-event shifts are created using the Weekly View feature. If you have elected to use the geo-fence, you must set a default location, and this is set at the department level. This location will be designated as the job site for all positions assigned to this department.
* Make sure all your positions are assigned to the appropriate department.

Unscheduled shifts through tablet timeclock policy - this setting determines whether workers can use the tablet timeclock to clock into a shift that has not been scheduled. 
Unscheduled shifts through GPS self-clock-in policy - this setting determines whether workers can use the Nowsta Workers app to clock into a shift that has not been scheduled. If this feature is enabled, the worker's geolocation will get recorded at the time of clock-in and can be viewed on the Time & Attendance page; however, geo-fencing does not apply to unscheduled shifts since there is no location with which to compare the worker's geolocation.

Early arrival policy - this setting determines the rules for clocking in when workers arrive early to their shifts. If enabled there are options in the drop down to allow workers to clock in as early as "anytime the day of the shift" to "five minutes" early.
If not enabled - workers cannot lock in before their scheduled shift start time.

Auto-clock-out policy - this setting ensures that staff will be automatically clocked out of any shifts that have been left open overnight. Both settings work in conjunction so both conditions must be met for auto clock to work.
Example based on image below. The worker must still be clocked in at 3 am and the shift must exceed 12 hours. 

We’re always available to help! Please reach out to support@nowsta.com with any questions.

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