Importing shifts into Nowsta events via CSV file

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You can import shifts into Nowsta by uploading a CSV file into your Nowsta account. This article details how to do so, and includes some considerations you should keep in mind before you begin.



  • In order to import a spreadsheet of shifts into Nowsta, you must first create a CSV file that conforms with Nowsta's formatting requirements. 

  • If this is your first time using the Importer, we recommend that you first test the file with one or two events before trying a larger import. 

Prepare your import file

The file must have specific column headers. Each column requires specific formats. 



Each row of the file represents a separate shift. If you plan on creating events and shifts simultaneously, please review this page for an explainer on event importing.


Otherwise, you can follow the format below to add shifts to events. Rows 2-4 are examples of shifts being added to existing event 123 in Nowsta. The AllowUpdate column must have a Y value to update event 123 with the Server and Bartender shifts.


Row 5 is how you would create a brand new, barebones event with 10 Server shifts. After the information has been entered into the template import file, save the file to your computer. 


We recommend that you first test the file with one or two events before trying a larger import. 


Upload your import file

To import shifts, head to the Import page in your Nowsta account. Select Choose File and select the file you'd like to upload. 


Once you’ve selected the file, the color of the box will change to Green if the file extension and formatting is correct. Click the Import button that appears below the Import Summary to upload the shifts into your Nowsta account


If it uploaded successfully, the shift import file will be stored as a record with a green “Completed” status next to its file name. 


The shifts will populate within Nowsta within a few seconds, provided the file is in the correct format.


Advanced Fields

A very useful feature in Nowsta is the ability to share instructions with your workers. You can now use the ShiftInstructions column to share general event details or share specific shift instructions with them by using the ShiftInstructions_X column header.


The details above will appear in the worker’s shift notes as:


Shift Instructions:


6/1/19 - Wedding
Server 6:00 PM - 1:30 AM


This shift will take place in Banquet Room #3.


Parking Instructions:
Park in the Northeast lot. You will receive a voucher.


The benefit of the ShiftInstructions_X column header is the field itself is dynamic, so you can substitute Parking Instructions for any other category you need to share with workers.


The column header can be used multiple times with different values in place of the X, so you can be sure you’ve given your workers all of the details.


Adding Shifts to Existing Events 

By default, if you import shifts with a UniqueID that matches the UniqueID of an event you've previously imported, no update will occur.


If UniqueID does match an already imported event and you've set the AllowUpdate column to Y, the event will update with the newly imported shifts.


Importing a CSV file can be somewhat tricky the first time you attempt it.

We’re always available to help! Please reach out to with any questions.

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