How to Enable and Troubleshoot Push Notifications for iPhones

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Enabling Push Notifications is a great way to stay updated on any job requests, shift updates, or reminders your employer sends through the Nowsta Workers App. 

How to verify if push notifications are enabled

To verify whether or not Push Notifications are enabled for your account, open up the Nowsta Workers App on your mobile device and select More on the bottom right side of the menu bar. Once in that section, scroll to the bottom of the page, and you'll see if Push Notifications are enabled. If so, you're all good to go! 

How to Enable Push Notifications:

  1. Go to your general Settings page for your specific phone

  2. Search for Nowsta using the search bar at the top of the page

  3. Select Nowsta

  4. Select Notifications

  5. Toggle "Show Notifications" on to enable push notifications  

How to troubleshoot notification issues.
  • Update or uninstall and reinstall the Nowsta App.
  • Check for App Updates
  • Clear App Cache and Data.
  • Check that Do Not Disturb mode is not turned on.
  • Check storage and clear space: You can check your device's storage in Settings > General > [Device] Storage. Try maintaining at least 1GB of free space for the best performance. If your available storage is consistently less than 1GB, your device might slow down as iOS repeatedly makes room for more content.
    CPU Overload: Having too many apps open at once can overload your CPU and make it run more slowly. Try closing some apps and restarting your device.
  • Check if you have Background App Refresh turned on.
  • Check your Network Conditions: If the network you're connected to is congested—for example, at an event with many people using the same network—apps might take a while to open or display their content. Your device can also seem slow as it repeatedly reconnects to new cell towers when you're in a moving vehicle. Even if your device indicates a strong signal, you might need to wait, try again in a different location, or use available Wi-Fi.
  • Low Power Mode is an iPhone and iPad feature that extends battery life by reducing your device's power. In Low Power Mode, some features are turned off, and some tasks might take longer to complete. If your battery icon is yellow, Low Power Mode is on. You can turn Low Power Mode on or off in Settings > Battery.
  • Temperature: iOS adjusts your device's performance if it's become too warm due to external conditions, like being left in a hot car or used for an extended time in direct sunlight. Move your device to a cooler location and let its temperature adjust. Frigid temperatures can also slow your device. If your device runs slowly after exposure to cold, move it to a warmer location.
  • Restart your device after any changes to settings or after any updates
  • Contact Apple Support: If you tried these tips and your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch is still slow or continues to freeze, you may need to contact Apple Support.

We’re always available to help! Please reach out to with any questions.

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