NowstaPay FAQs

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What is NowstaPay?

NowstaPay is a financial wellness tool that helps you access your wages early to manage your cash flow and take care of unexpected finances. 


How does it work?

Once your hours are approved you will receive an email notification. You will click the cashout button and confirm your early cash-out. Your wages are then transferred to your account. If you have not already set up your NowstaPay account you will be prompted to do so.


How can I get set up with NowstaPay? 

To get started, download the Nowsta Workers app from the Apple App Store or Google Play Store. From the app, you can activate your account, cash-out any earnings, and view your earnings and cash-out history.


What if I don’t have a smartphone? No problem you can access your NowstaPay account at


How long does it take to get your earnings?

If you use the debit card method, the transfer happens instantly and the money is in your account within a few seconds.


If you use the bank account method, the transfer completes in a business day if you cash out before 7 pm Eastern Time or 2 business days if you cash out after 7 pm Eastern Time. Please take into consideration weekends and bank holidays.


Is NowstaPay optional?

Yes, it is an optional service that your employer uses to give you early access to your wages. It is not a direct deposit service associated with your employer’s payroll provider, but a service that lets you access wages earlier than your normal payroll schedule. 


You can choose to use NowstaPay for some shifts and not others, or not at all. If you do not choose to use NowstaPay, you will receive your paycheck at the end of the regular payroll cycle, just as you normally would.



Is there a maximum amount I can get paid early?

You can access a portion of your wages early. The remaining portion is held back, so your employer can calculate your taxes correctly and make sure you never have a negative or $0.00 paycheck. Please reach out to your manager for more information on how much of your wages you can access early.


Is this a loan?

No, we only advance wages for shifts you have actually worked. A standard loan advances money with interest and payment terms. NowstaPay will never allow you to cash out more than you have earned and will never charge you interest payments.


What does it cost to use NowstaPay?

We only charge a 2.9% fee when you cash your earnings out early. There are no other charges or hidden fees. Prior to every Cash Out, you will see the dollar amount available to withdraw and how much you will receive after the transaction fee is deducted.




What is a cash-out and how do I cash out?

A cash-out is when you withdraw your wages early (before your pay period has ended). After every shift, you receive an email notification with the option to accept the money you have earned early. You can cash out by going to the Earnings section of the Nowsta Workers mobile app, clicking the Wallet icon, and clicking the Cash Out button to receive your wages early.


How do I add a bank account or debit card?

If this is your first time using NowstaPay, your employer will send an email invitation to NowstaPay after working a shift. In that email, click the Accept Money button to register your account and the site will walk you through the registration process. The final step will allow you to input your bank account information.





Does NowstaPay accept prepaid cards as a valid account for direct deposit?

NowstaPay will accept any debit or credit card if it is connected to a bank account and routing number. Please check with your bank provider if they can accept deposits.


What happens if I have earnings available but choose not to cash out?

If you cash out early, your employer will pay you the difference at the end of your normal payroll cycle. If you did not cash out any of your earnings, you will receive your full amount at the end of your normal payroll cycle.


What if I forget my password?

From the NowstaPay site, the Forgot your Password? link will guide you to the reset page. Enter a valid email address, select “Send me reset password instructions”, and follow the instructions in your mail inbox.


What is Autopay?

Autopay is the option to receive automatic payment after your employer approves your shift. When you select Cash-Out, you will be taken to a summary page where you will see the breakdown of your earnings. Once you have verified the amount is correct, you can select Confirm to initiate the transfer of your earnings. If you would like this process to occur automatically, select “I would like to be paid instantly after every event” on the Cash Out page. In the future, you will not have to click into the app and press Confirm each time to receive your earnings. You, instead, will receive an email notification every time you are auto-paid with a detailed description of the transaction.


We’re always available to help! Please reach out to with any questions.

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