Creating Custom Payroll Files

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Nowsta can create a Custom Payroll file for your company that can be uploaded into your payroll system or any other system or platform that accepts .csv file formats—saving your team the time and hassle of having to manually key in the information that Nowsta is already tracking for you.

For Nowsta to be able to create this file for you, we require an example file that clearly outlines the setup of the columns and the specific information you would like to be able to pull from the Nowsta database. This example file can be created by your company using the following guide: Custom File Guide.

We strongly suggest you thoroughly test the file before using it to run an actual payroll.


  • There is a fee associated with the creation of any Custom File. Please reach out to for more information and assistance.

  • It typically it takes an average of 3-4 business weeks for us to complete a customized file. Once we have received the appropriate file format, we will check it and submit it to our engineering team. Our Engineering Sprints run in 2 week intervals therefore the time frame for completion depends on when in that process the ticket is submitted. 

  • Nowsta can only pull data for fields it already tracks.

  • All file templates must be in .csv format. Our files will only integrate with systems that accept customized CSV files.  Quickbooks (QB) and ADP Run do not accept CSV files directly, so the file will need to be downloaded/changed into a different file type before their payroll system will accept the file.  If your payroll company does not allow for CSV files, please get in touch with them directly to find out how they can be altered and accepted into their payroll system.

How to get started

Please send the following message to the rep at your payroll company and copy your account manager or Nowsta support ( 


Subject: Nowsta Payroll Integration




[Your Company Name] has decided to use Nowsta for staff scheduling and time-tracking and we are currently in the process of onboarding onto the Nowsta platform.


As part of their onboarding process, Nowsta is willing to create a payroll or time & attendance export file for upload into your payroll system so this information does not have to be manually keyed in. 


Could you please send a template file to our Nowsta Customer Success Representative (cc'd here) along with a key that explains how it works using this guide: Nowsta Custom File Guide

Once Nowsta has replicated the desired file format, I will reach out to test the file.



[Your name]

We’re always available to help! Please reach out to with any question

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