Confused about billing? Hey, that's ok! We've created this article to walk you through our plan options. Check out the details below!

Nowsta bills on the 1st of the month for the previous month’s service.

Roster Plan

The standard plan is based on the number of staff on your active roster each month.

Staff who are archived for the entire month do not count towards your bill (their job history, positions, pay rates, etc are still retained when you archive them).

Worked Plan

The Worked plan is based on the number of staff who are confirmed to work one or more shifts each month.

Under this plan, it doesn't matter how many staff are on your roster each month, it only matters who works (e.g., who is confirmed for a shift or clocks in on the timeclock). The exact number of times an employee works does not factor into the calculation, so the fee is the same if an employee works 20 shifts or 1 shift in a given month.

** Please note that staffing placeholder accounts do not count towards your worker count.

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