Welcome to Nowsta!

We've created this Quick Start Guide to help you get familiar with your Nowsta account in 1 hour or less!

  1. Review and update your account settings (10 min)

    1. Nowsta is highly customizable. Review your account settings from the company details page.

  2. Download and log-in to the Nowsta: Workers App (5 min)

    1. The best way to learn Nowsta is to send yourself some requests. See your employees’ perspective by downloading the Nowsta app in the App store or Google Play store.

  3. Create 2 events (10 min)

    1. Events are at the core of Nowsta. Not sure where to start? Check out our help guide. Try filling in information like the client, venue, uniform, etc.

  4. Book 3 or more shifts (15 min)

    1. After you’ve created an event, it’s time to book some staff. If you need a hand, this article with walkthrough videos has you covered. We recommend you only book other admins (for example, the people in your training group) as you’re getting the hang of the platform.

  5. Use electronic time & attendance to track hours (15 min)

    1. There are three options for electronic time + attendance. Try them out and see how easy it is to keep track of staff hours on Nowsta!

  6. Review and approve 3 time entries (5 min)

    1. After you clocked in a few staff, review and approve the hours from the time & attendance page.

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