Did one of your workers call out from an event shift and you want to log that incident in their worker profile?! Here's how to mark a callout from the single event view!

Go into the desired event and click on the 3 dots next to the worker that called out.

A pop up box will appear with the option to "Mark Callout..." Click Mark Callout...

A "Mark Worker Callout" box will open where you can enter the date and time of the callout, and any other additional details you'd like to include. You can also select to notify the worker of their removal from the shift.

When you're done entering the details, click "Remove & Create Incident." This action will create the incident report in the workers profile and also remove the worker from the shift.

When you go into the workers profile you will see the incident report you created underneath "Worker Incidents." Because the callout was marked from the single event view the event will also be linked to the incident report!

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