Once you have a Nowsta-supported version of TapGoods, setting up the integration can be achieved in a few steps:

1. Copy your Nowsta Integration Key
Open Nowsta, go to the Integrations page, and copy the TapGoods Access Key.

2. Open the TapGoods Integration Page
Paste the Nowsta integration key in the text box and choose Connect.

3. Connect TapGoods and Nowsta
Verify your Integration by looking for the green check mark and the text Connected.

4. Send Orders to Nowsta
Select a date range and the order status then select Export to Nowsta.

Reminder: Exporting takes time (depending on the amount of rental data being exported) and works in the background so you can continue to work in TapGoods.

For support questions regarding the TapGoods platform, select the blue question mark at the bottom right hand corner when working in the platform.

Questions for the Nowsta team? Reach out to Support@nowsta.com or chat with us live by selecting the blue speech bubble in the bottom right hand corner of the Nowsta web app.

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