We know that when a worker cannot make it to a job last minute, you have to work quickly to find a replacement for their shift. We've created the ability for workers to clock in to an unscheduled shift through the Nowsta Worker mobile app, so you can spend time on the most important elements of the event rather than adjusting your schedule in the web app. Regardless of the reason, you can elect to allow workers who are not scheduled for a shift to punch-in using GPS self clock-in.


If you'd like to enable unscheduled GPS self clock-in for your workers, visit your settings page.

This feature is controlled independently of unscheduled clock-in on the tablet timeclock, so you can turn on unscheduled GPS self clock-in without turning on unscheduled clock-in on the tablet timeclock, and vice versa.

If you elect to require your workers to take a COVID Health Screening, they will be prompted to submit one before clocking-in in the same way as workers in scheduled shifts.

How do Workers Clock-In to Unscheduled Shifts?

  1. Worker arrives at the venue, and opens up the Nowsta Worker mobile app

  2. Worker selects Clock-in on the Clock-in to an Unscheduled Shift card

  3. Worker can select a company if needed

  4. Worker selects a position from a list of their qualified positions for the selected company

  5. Worker selects Clock-in

  6. Worker selects Clock-in on the map to confirm their location

  7. Punched-in shift card appears on the dashboard exactly like a scheduled shift card would

  8. Worker logs breaks and punches out from the card as if it is a scheduled shift

  9. After the worker punches out from the unscheduled shift, the unscheduled shift will appear in the Past Jobs tab like a scheduled shift would

Reviewing Worker Location

Because unscheduled shifts are not attached to specific venue locations, your company geofence settings do not apply. Workers will be able to clock-in or clock-out from any location and it will be recorded in the time and attendance page. Simply click on the pin to the right of the entry to view the location. You can also filter by Unscheduled Shifts to find the entires you need more quickly.

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