We've created a COVID-19 health screening you can require workers to complete before they clock in to their shifts from within the Nowsta Workers App or Tablet Timeclock App! This feature may be of interest if you are already asking your workers about symptoms and exposure, since it allows you to gather self-reported information in a streamlined way.

The health screening will present as a set of questions through the app. If the worker has no symptoms, fever, or potential exposure to COVID-19, then they will pass the screening; if not, they will fail. If a worker fails the health screening, they will be automatically blocked from shifts that fall in the window of time you designate.

Read below for more information on how to set up the health screening for your company and check out this article for answers to the most frequently asked questions.


The health screening is only available through the Nowsta Worker app and Tablet Timeclock app when the apps are connected to the internet. The screenings are not supported when the Tablet Timeclock is in offline mode, and the screenings are not supported for timecard supervisor clock-in through the Worker Mobile App. In both of these unsupported cases, workers will be able to clock-in without completing the screening.

Workers must have version 2.19.1 or later of the Nowsta Workers App and version 1.8 or later of the Tablet Timeclock App to access a health screening.

The health screening comes with a set of standard questions. If you wish to customize the health screening questions for your company, please contact our customer support team (support@nowsta.com) to learn more about this process and associated fees.

How to set up the health screening for your company

Fill out this form and a member of our customer success team will be in touch to confirm the details and date that your health screening will be available to workers.

To receive email notifications when a worker fails a health screening, visit the subscription settings page in your company settings.

How it functions for your workers

Prior to a shift, workers will be notified they can fill in the health screening. The exact interval is customized on an account by account basis.

The worker will then be presented with a survey asking them a series of questions about potential symptoms or exposure. If they pass the health screening, they will be cleared to work their shift.

How a failed health screening reflects in Nowsta

When a worker fills out the screening and reports that they have a symptom, contact, or exposure to COVID-19, the worker will be marked as having failed the health screening. An incident report will be auto-generated in the worker's profile to capture the failed health screening.

The worker will be blocked from all shifts for a default window of time that you will specify when you set up this feature for your account. For example, you can set the window to be 72 hours, so that if a worker fails their screening, they will be blocked for 72 hours.

When a worker is blocked they will be removed from any shifts they were assigned, requested, or confirmed for in the blocked window. Any events or shifts that the worker is removed from will get highlighted in red, so you will know to replace them.

You will be unable to assign, request, or confirm a worker for a shift in the blocked window until the worker gets unblocked. They will be automatically filtered out from the list of eligible workers for shifts that fall in the blocked window. The worker will see in their mobile app that they are blocked from work and the date on which they will get unblocked.

Still have questions?

If you have additional questions, please check out the Health Screening FAQ or contact Nowsta's customer success team at support@nowsta.com or via our in-app chat.

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