Clock-In and Clock-Out reminders can be enabled from the Notification Preferences section of the settings page.


  • Reminders apply to any event shifts or non-event shifts where Self Check-In is enabled for that shift.

  • Workers will receive reminders via push notification if they use the mobile app. If they do not use the mobile app, workers will receive reminders via text message.

How do Clock-In reminders work?

If enabled, workers who have not yet clocked in will receive a reminder 5 minutes after their shift start time:

How do Clock-Out reminders work?

If enabled, Nowsta will use an algorithm to determine whether or not to send a clock-out reminder to staff. A worker will receive a clock-out reminder if:

  • It is 15 minutes (or more) past the scheduled shift end time, and

  • More than 50% of the other staff working in the same shift have already clocked out.

The purpose of this algorithm is to prevent workers from receiving notifications when a shift is still ongoing.

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