When an event has shifts starting on multiple days, event cards appear on the Calendar View on each day there is a shift. The event cards will only display the information relevant for the shifts on that date.


The rules described do not apply to single day events that have shifts ending on the following day. The multi day event feature includes events with shift start times beginning on multiple days.

How Multi Day Events are Displayed in Calendar View

Each event card will display the event name but will only show shift information for the shifts with start times on that particular date.

As your staffing progress differs from day to day, the colors of each event card will visually reflect the difference in status. This makes is easy to identify which days still need attention.

From the calendar view, the event card will display the time frame based on the earliest shift start time and the latest shift end time instead of the event start and end times when possible. If no shifts are created on a given day, the event time will be displayed.

When a coordinator selects an event card to open the single event view, the screen will automatically scroll to the first shift on the selected day, so the coordinator doesn't need to spend time looking for the desired shifts.

In addition, there will be a flag on any shift that is scheduled for a date other than the event date.

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