There are a couple of reasons why the shift times in Nowsta might not match the shift times in Caterease.

A mismatch error has occurred. If an event is transferred from Caterease and then the a shift time is edited within Nowsta, it will not match what is in Caterease. Further, if a coordinator tries to transfer the event from Caterease again, the event will not update within Nowsta to match the shift time in Caterease. This is a mismatch error.

Using different start and end time fields in Caterease. At the sub-event level, any shift created must have a start and end time in the Start and End columns to appear in Nowsta. If the Start time is entered in another field (like the Arrival time field), the shift will not have the correct start time in Nowsta.

Using the Setup and Tear Down fields in Caterease. Within events and subevents, Caterease has fields to help you approximate Setup and Tear Down times per event venue.

Adding an hour to the Setup field will make your event start time an hour earlier in Nowsta. Adding an hour to the Tear Down field will make your event end time an hour later in Nowsta.

A best practice to account for this adjustment is to not enter times in the fields in the image above, but rather, have your shift times in Caterease include the time allotted for Setup time and Tear Down time (if necessary).

Create an 8:00 AM shift start time instead of a 9:00 AM start time to account for the Setup time. When the event is started, Nowsta will allow you to add shift instructions to make the 8:00 AM setup time and 9:00 AM event start time clear to employees.

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