There are several reasons the shifts in Caterease would not appear in Nowsta.

The shift requirement quantity is empty in Caterease. At the sub-event level, any shift created must have a value in the Req column to appear in Nowsta. Once the required number of shifts are entered, click on the Nowsta icon to export the updated event into the Nowsta Caterease feed page.

The most recent event update was not transferred to Nowsta. This case is especially true when multiple teammates are updating events in Caterease. For Nowsta to correctly display shifts, any update to an event must be sent to Nowsta. Please review Transferring events from Caterease to Nowsta for more instruction on transferring the most up-to-date event details.

The Nowsta Caterease feed page was not refreshed. If the number of shifts does not match up in Nowsta, it may be due to the Caterease feed page in Nowsta not being updated. Click on the Refresh button in Nowsta’s Caterease feed page each time an event with updated shift instructions is transferred to display the most up-to-date information. See more details in the Accessing the Caterease feed section.

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