There are two ways you can create shifts in the Weekly View: shift templates and custom shifts. Shift templates streamline the process of scheduling shifts that have a consistent start time and end time. Custom shifts can be used when the position, start time, end time, or instructions are unique and won't be repeated.


The Weekly View was designed with non-event scheduling in mind. Although you can view the entirety of a worker's schedule from this page, we will focus on the creation of non-event shifts in this article.

When to use Shift Templates

If there are shifts you use frequently, we suggest creating shift templates to save time as you schedule. For example, if you schedule a prep chef every morning from 8am-2pm, creating a shift template will allow you to fill this shift quickly.

When to use Custom Shifts

If there are shifts that are unique in your schedule, we suggest creating custom shifts so that they fit your specific needs. For example, if you had a last minute guest count change and want to add some extra coverage, you can create a custom shift.

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