Shift templates streamline the process of scheduling shifts that have a consistent start time and end time. Instead of manually entering shift details (position, start time, end time, instructions) for each shift, shift templates allow you to schedule staff in just a few clicks. To learn how to create shift templates, read this article.


Keep in mind that shift templates will only show up for a worker if they are already qualified to work the position of the shift. If this default setting is too restrictive, and you would like all templates to populate when you are scheduling a worker, simply de-select the box next to "Only show positions (worker name) is qualified for."

How to Use a Pre-Existing Shift Template

(1) Select the day you would like to schedule a shift for specific worker
(2) Find the desired template in the Templates section
(3) Assign, Publish, Request, or Confirm the shift within the template

How to Delete a Shift Template

(1) Select a tile within the weekly view to open up the assignment window
(2) Next to Templates, select Manage in blue text
(3) Delete any template you no longer need by selecting Delete Template in red text
(4) Select Done

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