Shift templates streamline the process of scheduling shifts that have a consistent start time and end time. Instead of manually entering shift details (position, start time, end time, instructions) for each shift, shift templates allow you to schedule staff in just a few clicks.


While you can create as many templates as you would like, you can not edit existing templates. If you need to make a modification to a template, you can delete the template and create a new one that meets the desired specifications.

How To Create a Shift Template

As you are creating a new shift for a worker, you can also easily create a template based on that shift through the following steps:

(1) Click the day on which you would like to schedule a specific worker
(2) Select Create New Shift
(3) Add position and time, and optionally add instructions for the shift
(4) Select the Also save as shift template box at the bottom of the window
(5) Select Save

Scheduling Workers with Shift Templates

Ready to schedule workers using the shift templates you created? Click here for instructions.

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