If you'd like to import hours into QuickBooks, go to the Payroll Integrations page to generate a QuickBooks or QuickBooks Billable file.

QuickBooks allows you to import employee hours worked. QuickBooks Billable allows you to import Employee hours, the Job/Client information, and mark their hours as billable for invoicing purposes.

To import the hours into QuickBooks Desktop or Online, make sure you log in to your QuickBooks account under Single User mode.

Then, go to File > Utilities > Import > Timer Activities.

In that pop-up, select the QuickBooks/QuickBooks Billable file you downloaded from Nowsta to import those hours into QuickBooks. 

If you performed the import successfully, QuickBooks will display the prompt below. Hit OK to finish importing the hours into your employee timesheets.

If the hours did not import successfully, it may be due one of the following reasons below:

Job/Client not found: The Job/Client name in Nowsta should match the Job/Client name in QuickBooks. To fix that, update the Client name in Nowsta here.

Employee id not found: To fix that, go to the employee profile in Nowsta, click the EDIT button next to their name, and enter their name spelled exactly as it is entered in QuickBooks in the PAYROLL ID field.

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