When you assign a department to a single event, all the shifts worked on that event will be included in the department for reporting purposes. The workers don't need to be individually assigned to the department in any way because their shifts will automatically be included in the department when you run reports.

How To Set the Department for your Event:

  1. Navigate to the Event Page

  2. Click "Set Department" along the top of the screen.

  3. Select which department and click save.

How to Filter by Department in the Calendar View:

Would you like to simplify your view so you can focus on staffing events for only certain Departments? This is when filtering by Event Department comes in handy!

  1. Navigate to the Calendar View

  2. Select the Departments you want to be visible and your view will update so that you can work with a more simplified calendar.

How to Filter by Department in Reports (By Event):

If you'd like to filter by events assigned to a certain department, you can do so on the Event Costing and Event Overview Reports.

  1. Navigate to the Reports Page

  2. Select a Report

  3. Select the box next to "All Departments" and choose any departments of interest

  4. Download the Report

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