For companies with large rosters of staff, it can be challenging to keep track of staff quality and assign the appropriate staff member to the appropriate event. 

The Levels feature is designed to make this process easier. Using Levels, you can easily mark the quality of each of your staff members. Level-1 staff are best, followed by Level-2, Level-3, Level-4 and so forth.

How are Levels used in Nowsta?

Levels are used in Nowsta to help coordinators sort their staff by worker quality. Currently, levels are available in the Assignment View as the default sorting mechanism. Level-1 staff (your best staff) appear first, followed by Level-2 staff, Level-3 staff, and so forth. Staff without a Level will appear last in the Assignment view.

Unlike Tags, Levels are exclusive - a worker can only belong to a single Level at a time.

Levels will soon be visible in other parts of the Nowsta app, including publishing. Stay tuned for more updates!

How to assign and adjust the Level for a single worker

To assign or adjust a staff member's Level, head to the worker's profile page and select Edit next to Worker Details. 

From there, scroll down the page until Level is visible. By default, workers will not have a Level selected, so it will say N/A. You can adjust the Level here.

Here is a quick video of how to adjust a Worker's Level.

How to assign and adjust Levels in bulk

Please contact Nowsta support, either through in-app chat or by emailing us at support@nowsta.com for instructions on how to adjust Levels for your entire staff list at once.

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