When managing multiple events and workers, it can be hard to stay organized. Using our worker notes function is a great way to keep the status and performance of individual workers up to date.

How to Attach Notes:

You can attach notes to a worker's profile by navigating to the Workers page, selecting the name, and selecting Edit to record notes about that specific worker. After you save the note it will be visible in the Worker Notes section.

If you'd like to keep a running log of incidents, you can scroll down a bit further and add an entry with a label like "callout" or "note". After you add the entry, it will become part of a list of Worker Incidents at the bottom left hand corner of the Worker Profile. 

The benefit of using the Worker Incident feature is that the platform records who leaves the notes and when they write them, so your account admin can communicate seamlessly with one another about the status and performance of different workers.

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