Nowsta can generate custom CSV files compatible with almost every payroll provider. Once set-up, these files dramatically reduce the time it takes to run payroll.


Customized payroll files are available for all customers however so plans do require an additional fee. Please contact your account manager or the Nowsta support team (support@nowsta.com) to learn more about pricing and the benefits of a customized CSV file.

Setting up the payroll integration typically takes 7-10 business days, although it can take longer under certain circumstances. We strongly suggest you thoroughly test the file before using it to run an actual payroll.

How to set up a payroll file

Once you have contacted the Nowsta support team to confirm you would like a customized payroll file, please send the following message to the rep at your payroll company and copy your account manager or Nowsta support (support@nowsta.com):

Subject: Nowsta Payroll Integration


[Your Company Name] has decided to use Nowsta for staff scheduling and time-tracking and we are currently in the process of onboarding onto the Nowsta platform.

As part of their onboarding process, Nowsta is willing to create a payroll or time & attendance export file for upload into your payroll system so this information does not have to be manually keyed in. 

Could you please send a template file to our Nowsta Customer Success Representative (cc'd here) along with a key that explains how it works? Once Nowsta has replicated the desired file format, I will reach out to test the file.

[Your name]

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