Good to see you

It can be tricky to know where to start in getting to know the Nowsta platform but you've come to the right place! 

We are confident that the steps below will help you make a smooth transition. The entire process can take as little as one week. It is up to you how quickly you would like to onboard your company.

If you have any questions throughout the process, please reach out to us by clicking the chat icon in the lower right corner of any page on the platform, or emailing

Prepare to launch

This section details the basics of setting up your account and adjusting the features to work best for your business. Each of the actions below are things that you only have to do a single time. Once they've been completed, you shouldn't have to worry about them again.

  1. Importing Your Staff List

  2. Integrating With Your Sales Software

  3. Integrating With Your Payroll Provider

  4. Customizing Your Account

  5. Add System Inputs

Jump in, the waters fine

The best way to get familiar with Nowsta is to jump in and learn by doing. Below we've listed the actions you should take as you get familiar with Nowsta. Please make sure to review each article and take the following steps prior to setting up training.

6. Download the Nowsta Workers App

7. Create an Event

8. Request yourself to work by Assigning shifts and Publishing shifts

9. Review Time Tracking Options - Our time & attendance guide breaks down the different options, why you'd use them and how they work. Take a look at it so you can decide which option works best for you.

The Home Stretch

If you've completed the steps above you should have a solid foundation of knowledge about Nowsta! Our webinars are a way to dive deeper and have a visual guide for some of the most customizable areas of the platform. Watch a recorded webinar to move through at your own pace, or sign up for one of our live weekly webinars with a Q&A after the presentation.

10a. Attend a live webinar
10b. Reach out to us at if you'd like a webinar recording!

Fly like an Eagle

You've set up your account, customized it to fit your business, and become acquainted with the platform. Now it's time to delight your team with the ways Nowsta will improve their experience too.

 11. Introduce Your Staff To Nowsta

Take It Easy

Nice going!

We hope you're as happy as we are that you've joined us here at Nowsta. If you have any questions in the future, check out our Community Page for helpful articles and remember we're only one chat away.

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