If you have an extensive staff list and are having trouble identifying the right staff for a given shift, tags might be the answer.

Tags are non-position attributes that can be applied to your staff. Tags are separate from positions; instead, they're typically things like locations, skills, or characteristics. Here are some examples:

  • Can lift 30 lbs

  • Has a car

  • TIPS-Certified

  • Can work private events

Please note that if you wish to sort your staff by quality, you may be better off using Nowsta's Levels functionality.

How to create and assign tags

  1. Navigate to the Tags page within your account

  2. Select New Tag

  3. Enter the name of the Tag. Choose something descriptive, as this is how you will filter staff on the other pages.

  4. Assign qualified staff to the Tag

  5. Select Save

Once your tags have been created, you will be able to toggle them on and off when selecting staff for a given shift. 

If you'd like to add expiration dates to stay on top of workers certification tags, check out this article.

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