While workers are able to enter their availability through the app, they are not able to enter unavailability. This means that at this point, workers cannot request days off through the app. They must request days off by reaching out and telling the coordinators of their unavailability and the coordinators have to go in and enter the days manually. 

How to enter unavailability when your employee reaches out:

 (1) Go to the Workers page and select the individual worker.
(2) Click on the tile box of the specific date
(3) In the pop-up window, select "Unavailability"
(4) Select the dates and the start/end times (for reference, the Start/End dates must match up exactly)
(5) If you would like the unavailability to cover multiple days, select the Repeating Availability toggle and select the end date
(6) Select "Create" to add to the worker's calendar

See below image for details:

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