Below, we've listed some of the most frequently asked questions about the new Nowsta mobile app. If you have a question and don't see it answered here, please contact our support team at

App Overview

This video covers the basics of how to navigate the Nowsta Workers app.

Getting Started with the Nowsta App

How can I download and log-in to the Nowsta Workers app?
Learn how to download the Nowsta Workers app here

How do I enable push notifications?
Learn how to enable push notifications for iPhone here. Learn how to enable push notifications for Android phones here


How can I input and edit my availability?
Learn how to input and edit your availability here.

I received an availability request. How do I respond?
Learn how to view and respond to an availability check here.

What is an availability check?
Learn more about availability checks here

Tracking Time in the Nowsta Workers App

How can I do self check-in in the Nowsta Workers app?
Learn how you can use the Nowsta app's GPS check-in functionality here.

I'm an event manager. How can I check-in the staff working my event?
See our guide to checking in other staff at an event here.

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