Creating and updating uniforms is easy to do through the Uniforms page. Once you've added uniforms, you can easily connect them to events so workers can view the information they need to be dressed appropriately all within the app. You can also add a default uniform by going to the Event Default Settings page.

To Create a Uniform:

  1. Open the Systems Inputs section in the navigation bar on the left

  2. Open the Uniforms page 

  3. Select + New Uniform

(3) Name the uniform

(4) Create a description of the uniform if desired 

(5) Select save to include the uniform in your existing list

(6) Select the specific uniform card to edit the name or description

(7) If you no longer need a uniform, you can select the file icon to move the uniform to your archived list ( you cannot undo this action, so make sure you no longer need it!)

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