You can keep track of your clients in one place by visiting the clients page. You have the option to designate a client on each of your events, and you'll see how to do so here.

To Create Clients:

  1. Navigate to the Clients page under the System Inputs section of the sidebar menu

  2. Select + New Client to create a client

(3) Enter Client Name and all additional details for the client in the Client Creator page

(4) Prefer or Restrict workers from this specific client

  • Preferred: List of workers that the employer prefers to work when this specific client is selected

  • Restricted: List of workers that the employer restricts from working when this specific client is selected

  • If a worker isn't preferred or restricted, they will be defaulted to No Preference

(5) Select Save to add this Client to your existing client list

(6) Select the Client card to update a client’s details

(7) Select Archive to archive the client from your list (you cannot undo this action)

Coordinators can input worker instructions that get displayed for all shifts for that client. The new input can be found on the Client Editor page.

Any client-specific instructions currently appear under "Special Instructions" in the worker app alongside the event instructions associated with that shift.

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