Your Nowsta account includes access to a number of generic payroll files. This article covers the steps to generate those files and explains 


  1. Only approved hours display on Nowsta's payroll reports. For more help on how to approve hours, see our help article here

  2. Before generating any payroll files, we strongly recommend that you review the related account settings like your workweek start date, overtime rules, and break rules. For more information, see our help article here.

  3. In addition to the preset generic payroll CSV files that come with your account, Nowsta can generate custom CSV files for easy upload directly into your payroll software. For more information on setting up one of these files and pricing, please contact your account manager or the Nowsta support team

How to generate a payroll report

Go to the Payroll CSV Generator page in your Nowsta account.

You may optionally adjust the following settings:

  • Date Range 

  • Report Breakdown type - each report displays breaks down the payroll information differently.

  • Worker - if you wish to only see the payroll information for one specific worker.

  • Department - if you wish to only see payroll information for shifts from within a specific department.

When you have adjusted the settings, select Download CSV and Nowsta will generate a CSV file.

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