Many companies have a tip or reimbursement policy for employees working events. With Nowsta, those can be accounted for on a shift-by-shift basis in the Time & Attendance section.


Be mindful that if you're adding shifts, tips, or reimbursements after the pay period has ended, these won't be accounted for on any reports you've already created. If you'd like to see the updated totals for that pay period, simply create a new report after you've made the additions.

Another thing to keep in mind is that tips and reimbursements only appear in Payroll CSV and Payroll Integration reports if you select the additional pay breakdown view shown below.

How to add a tip:

  1. Simply, select the employee's shift to add a tip or reimbursement.

2. As you select the workers earnings amount which can be found below their hourly rate for the shift, the tips and bonuses section will be revealed in a pop-out window.

3. Enter the tip amount and select "Done" to apply it to this shift. You can follow the same process for reimbursements and drive time payments.

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