Getting your pay period set up correctly is essential to keep a close eye on overtime while scheduling employees.

In the Settings section of Nowsta, there is an area dedicated to your pay period setup called Overtime Rules.

The First Day of the Week in Nowsta should be the first day of your pay week, so if that day is Sunday, please update this value to Sunday in Nowsta.

The Week Start Hour is important because it determines how your hours at the end of your pay period are calculated. If it is set to 12 AM, this means every pay period ends every Saturday at 11:59 PM and a new period begins on Sunday at 12 AM.

NOTE: If your Week Start Hour is set to midnight on a Sunday, an employee working a shift on Saturday from 9 PM to 1 AM will have two entries in the payroll reports. One shift from 9 PM to 11:59 PM and another from 12:00 AM to 1 AM. Adjust your start hour to 2 AM or 3 AM to prevent shift splitting.

Finally, the Overtime section at the bottom of the page is set up to automatically default to the weekly 40 hour week standard. If you also have to account for daily overtime, select whether you calculate daily (1.5x the pay rate) or daily double overtime (2x the pay rate) and set the hours the employees have to work in a day to cause overtime to kick in.

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