Importing events from Total Party Planner

Note: Before trying to import events from Total Party Planner (TPP), please ensure that your Nowsta account is linked with your TPP account. You can find instructions for how to do so here.

Transferring events from TPP to Nowsta is straightforward. Once you've created your event in TPP, make sure the event name is written in the Title section.

Write any worker instructions in the Opening Staff Note for Proposal section to display the event details to staff in Nowsta.

Once all the details are covered, hit Save, click Actions, and click the Send to Nowsta button to transfer the latest TPP updates into your Nowsta account.

Once you've successfully transferred your first event, you'll notice you have a new icon in Nowsta called TPP. It's the fourth icon at the top of the navigation menu. It gives you access to the feed below.

Moving forward, any events transferred from TPP will appear in the feed in Nowsta will display new and updated event details for your review.

NOTE: See our TPP Integration guide for more details.

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