Now that you've imported your staff list and set up your account, you'll want to bring your staff onboard and help them get to know the platform. Nowsta makes sending an invitation to your staff easy.


We strongly recommend that you email your staff directly from your own email address to let them know that you’re switching to Nowsta and what this means. This will prepare them for the email from Nowsta and how to respond.

You can use this template email to get started.

We also recommend sharing this article that reviews the Nowsta Workers app. You can use our handy announcement feature to share with your staff.

How to Invite Staff to Nowsta:

Go to the Workers page and select the checkboxes next to the employee names you'd like to invite, then select Invite and those invites will send. 

If you'd like to invite all active workers, select the checkbox in the upper left hand corner of the Workers page to reveal the option to Invite all at once as shown below:

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