Total Party Planner helps companies streamline their catering operations for organized events, easy staffing, recipe scaling, communication tracking, beautiful reports, and so much more. 

Nowsta partnered with Total Party Planner to make your event scheduling easy. Your sales team can now effortlessly transfer event orders to your staffing team and let them handle the scheduling in a few clicks. 

Setting up the integration

Step 1: Nowsta integration key

In Nowsta, go to the Integrations Page and copy the TPP Integration Key

Step 2: Send key to the TPP Support Team

The TPP integration is in beta, so please send an email to their support team at with your Nowsta integration key.

Step 3: Schedule 15-min Training (optional)

For the hands on people, you can skip this step to jump right into transferring events into Nowsta. Otherwise, Click here to schedule a quick 15-min training session with the TPP support team.

Transferring events from TPP to Nowsta

Let's cover how you can transfer events from TPP to Nowsta. In TPP, event transfers and updates occurs in the fashion below:

Event-by-event transfer

In TPP, you can only access the send to Nowsta link within an event. After saving the latest changes, click on the Actions button and select the Nowsta button at the bottom of the menu to transfer your event to your Nowsta account.

  1. After every update, click the Save button in TPP

  2. Press the Actions button

  3. Click Nowsta to transfer the event

Accessing the TPP feed

Once you've successfully transferred your first event, you'll notice you have a new icon in Nowsta called TPP. It's the fourth icon at the top of the navigation menu. It gives you access to the feed below. 

Moving forward, any events transferred from TPP will appear in the feed in Nowsta will display new and updated event details for your review. 

Click here to see a list of the most frequently asked questions about the Total Party Planner integration.

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