Which companies are my account connected to?

Nowsta is designed in a way that lets you schedule jobs with multiple companies from a single profile.

Please note that you will need to use the same email address and same phone number for each company.

You can view which companies your account is connected to by opening the Nowsta app and tapping on the More tab. 

As you can see in the image above, your employers who use Nowsta will be listed in this tab. 

How can I tell which company is sending me a shift?

All shift requests, no matter which employer is requesting you, will display in the Jobs tab of your Nowsta account. Each request will display the name of the employer:

This information is also visible once you click into the job detail view:

This information is also available if you're logging in via the web at my.nowsta.com. The first image shows you an example of the what you will see in the pending jobs section, a general view of all your pending jobs.

 The second image is the view you will see when you click into a specific event to view the details.

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