Nowsta has a robust suite of settings to help you run payroll accurately. Read on to learn how to adjust these settings.


It is strongly recommended you review and adjust the overtime and payroll settings in your account before generating any payroll report within Nowsta. It is also recommended you review all payroll reports to ensure there are no errors prior to running payroll.

How to adjust payroll settings

To start, go to the settings page of your Nowsta account and select Payroll.

On this page, you can optionally adjust the following settings:

Minimum Hours
When minimum hours count as hours worked, shifts under the minimum will have time extended to the minimum, which applies towards overtime. When they don't count as hours worked, shifts under the minimum will have bonus pay applied in payroll files, and the difference in hours will not apply towards overtime.

Minimum hours can be set up by default per position via the Positions page of your account, or per department on the Departments page.

Break Time Policy
If breaks are paid, they will be counted towards overtime calculations. If not, any time spent on break will be deducted from a shift's total actual hours.

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