The tablet timeclock app was built into the existing Nowsta mobile app, so you don't have to download anything unless you're using a new mobile/tablet device.

If you do not have the Nowsta app, you can download the mobile app here

If you are a Coordinator in the Nowsta website, you can select who has access in the Timeclock Access page. If you are not, ask your manager to give you Timeclock Access.

Whenever an eligible Manager opens up their app, they will receive a prompt to turn the Timeclock mode on like the image below:

If timeclock mode is launched, they'll receive another prompt to Access the Camera. Please press OK because this is how the mobile app will snap pictures when staff clock in to prevent buddy punching.

After this step, timeclock mode will be activated and staff will be able to log in, select the position they're qualified for, and punch in. 

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