In designing Time & Attendance, we used your feedback to minimize the set up process and paperwork for your event time collection. We wrote this article to show you how to effectively collect T&A, reduce your time calculating event hours, and reduce your paper trail. Here’s how to make the most of Nowsta’s Time & Attendance:

1. Assign Time Card Supervisor Access:

Assign Supervisor Access to an existing position.
Time Card Supervisor Access is a status that you assign to existing positions. For example, if the people you trust to collect time & attendance at events are Captains, you should assign supervisor status to your existing Captain position.

See how to add Supervisor Access to the Captain position below. [This is a 20 second animation]

1) Click on Settings in the left sidebar.
Click on Positions.
3) Select a Position to assign Time Card Supervisor access.
4) Click on the Toggle to enable Time Card Supervisor Access for the position.

2. Adding and Scheduling Staff Supervisors:

There are two components to this step: A) Giving Staff Supervisor Access and B) Adding Supervisors to an Event.

Giving Staff Supervisor Access:
Select the Position with Time Card Supervisor Access.
A-2) Scroll down to the Qualified Workers for this Position section.
A-3) Click on the switch next to your captain's names to toggle them ON.

You now have staff that are qualified to be Time Card supervisors, but this doesn’t give them time lord powers. Captains can only access the time clock when confirmed for an event. So let’s confirm them and see how they’d keep track of time below. [This is a 1-minute animation]

Adding Supervisors to an Event:
Create or select an event in the Calendar View.
B-2) In the event, create a shift for your Time Card Supervisor position.
B-3) Assign and confirm the staff for the Time Card Supervisor shift.

Once staff with Time Card access are confirmed, they can access the event details like any other staff, but their event now has a Time Clock button. When it’s pressed, a list of the event staff appear with their Event Position, Scheduled In/Out time, and Check In/Out buttons beside them.

3. Accessing Time & Attendance:

Remember the second part in the Making Staff Supervisors section? The Captains that you confirmed to the event, and only them, have time clock access to the event. So now that your Captain has submitted your event staff’s times, how can you access it?

1) From the Single Event view above, you can click on the Actuals CSV to retrieve the team’s time and earnings information.

2) Open the Actuals CSV that downloaded to your computer.

When you open the CSV, you’ll notice the columns for Actuals, Earnings, and Punch in/out Supervisor were added to the timesheet. Sometimes, events require multiple captains, so we used your feedback to show you which staff were clocked in/out and by which supervisor. 

What's next?
Now that you have everything you need to run Time & Attendance, give your leaders Supervisor access and test out the feature with a few events. I'm sure you'll find the experience of tracking events faster and easier. If you have any questions or would like to see a demonstration, please feel free to email us here. Thanks!

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