When you're preparing for your team meeting or have the end of pay period nearing, you can go to the new Power Tools page to access the reports you need. Power Tools was added in response to your request for more detailed reporting within Nowsta.

Two reports are currently available and we'll be adding more in the coming weeks.

Event Roster CSV:

  • Coordinators can create a downloadable CSV of all event roster information within a date range. It currently shows Confirmed staff only, but it will be expanded to show Non-Confirmed staff as well.
  • This report lists all staff for your events on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis.

Payroll CSV:

  • Coordinators using this report can see how many hours each worker was scheduled to work, their actual recorded hours, and their total pay for the period. 
  • Blended rates are computed by dividing the Total Earnings (which factors in the worker's unique pay rates) by Hours Worked.
  • Please note that the Total Pay amount is based on how many hours were recorded on the Time and Attendance app.

If you have any questions or would like to see a demonstration, please feel free to reply below or email us here. Thanks!

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