Few events require that all staff, from servers to kitchen staff, have the same call time. Ensuring you have talent coming at staggered call times is crucial and more common. 

  1. Select the event where you want to create shifts.
  2. In the Event Card, you will click on Event Details.
  3. At the top center, click Positions and you will see a list of positions with their corresponding quantities (default is 0), shift start, and shift end.Note: The shift start is the staff call time. 
  4. Click on the position you would like to staff for your event.
  5. Adjust the quantity. For example, 1 for 1 staff member, 2 for 2 staff, etc.
  6. Set the call time and shift end time for that specific position.
  7. Hover over the position and press the blue “NEW SHIFT” button.
  8. Adjust the quantity for the new shift and modify the call time.
  9. Click Update.
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