The app is designed in a way that lets you schedule jobs with multiple companies without creating multiple profiles. 

This means you'll receive jobs from multiple companies in the same Jobs section, but the company name will be displayed on the shift so you'll know who's sending you the job.

In the image below, whenever you receive a job, you'll see the company name at the Top of the job tile with the shift time and position underneath it.

If you click on the job tile, you'll see more details about the event, including the name of the company displayed at the top. See the image below. 




Below are the views you will see from the web page The first image shows you an example of the what you will see in the pending jobs section, a general view of all your pending jobs.


The second image is the view you will see when you click into a specific event to view the details.


Moving forward, you'll be able to see who's sending you jobs and have the ability to Accept/Decline those jobs.

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