What is NowstaPay?
NowstaPay is a financial wellness tool that helps you access your wages early to manage your cash flow and take care of unexpected finances. 

Once you’ve worked and your employer has approved your hours, we will send you a notification that your earnings are available for early cashout. Then, you can choose if you want to cash out early or wait until the end of your pay period. 

If you choose to not use NowstaPay, you will receive your paycheck at the end of your pay period via check or direct deposit as usual.

How does it work?
Simple. Your employer has NowstaPay turned on. They schedule you to work via Nowsta. You send your employer your hours worked at the end of your shift. They approve your hours and you receive an email from NowstaPay. You click the cashout button, enter your account info via our secure bank provider, and confirm your early cash out. Your wages are transferred to your account.

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