You can import events into Nowsta using a file from your computer.

Prepare your import file

In order to import events into Nowsta, you'll need to have your import data stored in a file on your computer.

The file must have specific column headers. Each column requires specific formats. 

Download the template import file here

Each row of the file represents a separate event. For an explainer of which columns are required and the correct file format, please review this page

After the information has been entered into the template import file, save the file to your computer. 

We recommend that you first test the file with one or two events before trying a larger import. 

Upload your import file

To import events event, head to the event import page in your Nowsta account. Select Choose File and select the file you'd like to upload.  The events will populate within Nowsta within a few seconds, provided the file is in the correct format. 

Advanced Fields

Updating Events 

By default, if you import an event with a UniqueID that matches the UniqueID of an event you've previously imported, no update will occur.

It is possible to update events via the AllowUpdate column.

If UniqueID does match an already imported event and you've set the AllowUpdate column to TRUE, the event will update.

if UniqueID does not match an event in the company (or is blank), this is irrelevant.

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