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Worker ratings are a useful way for captain’s/manager’s to enter in any feedback or give a star rating to specific employee’s for a specific event they worked.

Worker ratings can be entered by Time Card Supervisors through the mobile app. To do this, first go to the positions page, then select a position for which you'd like your staff to have Timecard Supervisor access (typically this is for your captains and/or event managers).

When an employee is working an event in a position that has Time Card Supervisor access, he or she will be able to enter time and attendance data for the other staff, as well as rate their performance on a scale of 1-5 stars.


In your event of interest, you will have access to the Team tab. Upon clicking it, you will see the employee roster with shift details and the ability to punch employees in.

Once you're in, you can punch employees in/out, contact employees by clicking on the phone, or leave feedback behind by clicking on the Message icon in the bottom righthand corner of each shift.

If you click on the Message icon, you'll have the option of rating an employee on a scale from 1-5 stars (with 5 being the highest rating) and the option to leave notes/feedback for each employee. At anytime, click on the back button in the upper lefthand corner to share those notes with the management team. 

FYI: Employees cannot see any of this information, so please feel free to evaluate away!


There are three ways to review timecard notes:

(1) The Time & Attendance page displays any event notes by showing stars to the right of an employee's time entry. This method is useful if you review employee time entries daily.

(2) The Staff Performance file in the Reports page will allow you to select a date range and list every single captain note within that date range. Useful if you periodically need to review this information for monthly or quarterly employee reviews.

(3) Within the Workers Profile, you can click into their Event History and see any feedback left underneath their worked events. Useful if you solely want to review feedback while browsing through employee profiles.

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