In Nowsta, you can keep track of your hourly- and event-based employees' time and overtime in one system.

Before you start

  1. Review setting up your pay period to ensure your reports calculate your work week and overtime correctly.
  2. Review how to approve employee times in the Time & Attendance page to ensure hours appear in your reports.

The Payroll section in the Reports page displays the following options below:

The Employee totals report is useful for calculating your labor and wages across a particular department or company.

The Employee totals by position report is useful for reviewing the hours an employee worked per position and inputting these hours into your payroll software.

The Employee totals by shift report is useful for verifying if an employee has worked the correct shift at the correct position and doubles as a record history for audits.

The Pay Code totals report is useful for reviewing your labor costs for an entire department or position-by-position.

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