The Time & Attendance page is your central hub to view hourly and event employees times in one location. It displays any and every time entry day by day in a feed for your viewing.

As soon as an employee has punched in, you have the ability to filter all time entries by timeclock kiosk punches or event-based punches, as well as, review unapproved and flagged time entries.

Any time entry that differs from its scheduled shift is automatically flagged with the cause of the discrepancy as seen below. In this shift's case, the employee punched in an hour earlier to their shift.

You can easily see who punched the employee in and out by clicking into their Actual hours. Quickly find who was responsible for the time entries and consult them to find out the cause.

If the times require adjustment, simply click on the 5 PM actual start time and make the edits. Click Done.

If you'd like to leave behind any notes, click on the Notepad icon to the left of the Approve button.

Otherwise, click the Approve button to lock your approval and make this time entry visible in your payroll reports.

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