GPS self check-in allows staff to check-in to or check-out of an event shift on their own mobile devices using the Nowsta app. The Nowsta app will record their GPS location to ensure they are at the event site.

Allowing GPS Check-In in a single event

You can enable or disable GPS Check-in within an event by selecting Check-In Access.

  1. Everyone allows all staff to do self check-in
  2. Event Supervisors Only means that staff cannot use GPS Check-In.

Allowing GPS Check-In by default

You can set your account such that all newly created events allow for GPS Check-In from the Settings page in your account.

Simply navigate to that page and then click into the Event Defaults section. Then adjust Default Check-In Access as needed.

Restricting check-in within geo-fenced area

You can optionally restrict staff from checking-in to an event unless they are within a set distance of the venue. To do so, navigate to the Settings page of your account, click into the Time & Attendance Settings then Turn on Geofence.

If you do not turn on geofence but do allow self check-in otherwise, any time entries outside the radius of the venue will be flagged in the Time & Attendance page.

Adjusting Check-In Radius by Venue

By default, each venue in Nowsta is set to have a 200 yard radius for GPS check-ins. To modify this radius for a particular venue, navigate to the Venues page and select the venue. There, you can increase or decrease the radius of the venue as needed.

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